Hey photog / video friends!

We miss you! Or, why haven't we met yet? Come say hey, hangout and maybe grab some gear!

We've had some really solid gear taking up space in our closet for far too long. But, the thought of going through a thousand Marketplace messages with strangers to get it off our hands sounds just awful. So we thought we would try something different.

Just starting out? Need a backup camera? Want to try a new lens? Sell it for more on eBay? Go for it.

This stuff is priced to go!

And lots more!

We'll have scores of other camera accessories and studio gear on the cheap!

The Deets.

Tuesday June 25th 2-4pm @ The Studio - 9 James Street, St. Catharines

We would love to see your face even if you have absolutely no intention of buying a thing, swing on by!

( If you can't make it or see something on the list you want just shoot us a message and we'll set it aside for you. )

Peace, Evan & Serena | YGP